15 oz. Geometric Wolf Mug
15 oz. Geometric Wolf Mug

15 oz. Geometric Wolf Mug

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The 15 oz. Artistic Wolf Mug. Cute mug with an abstract kind of geometrical look to it. Fun mug for the wolf lover in your life.

We print and press our own mugs and do NOT use a production partner.

These mugs are infused with love and determination and we hope to pass that on to you as well.

Dishwasher and Microwave Safe.

We do NOT add any extra for shipping.
The shipping prices are reflected off USPS website.

Mugs are shipped as safe as possible. The mug itself will be inside a bag and then are placed inside a mug box. Which is then placed into another box and we will ship this with as much recycled papers that we can cram into the shipping box to cushion any blows that your package may receive.